miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

El Clan - Some numbers

- People involved: about 500, included musicians, and acting children's parent, most of them on a voluntary basis.

- Nationalities:  American, British, German, Swiss, Finnish, Kazakhstan, Italian, French, Cuban, from Uruguay, Argentinian and of course Spanish. A special thanks for the support from the people of Tenerife: without their voluntary help this movie was not possible to produce. 

- Trucks: 7 trucks for lighting equipment, dolly, cranes, tripods,  RED camera and more, plus 1 truck with a 35 KW super silent generator

- Production Days: 18 .... yes it's crazy.... finger crossed ... still in production!

- Average working hours: about 12, included 1 hour for dinner or lunch. Crew have once a week a day off.

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